When Do You Get Your Braces Off

A very common question from the common orthodontic patient is “When do I get my braces off?” Although treatment is different for every patient, there are some basic objectives and steps of treatment that are similar for the majority of patients. If you have braces in philadelphia and want to know how you are progressing,…

Orthodontist in Philadelphia

Best orthodontist in Philadelphia

Dental health and care are just as essential as medical health care. You’ll get the facts about how your teeth are formed, how your gums stay healthy, and how you can protect your teeth from infection. It’s important to have healthy teeth because if they’re not healthy, they can affect your oral hygiene and cause…


Can Invisalign Correct My Overbite or Underbite?

Introduction: Invisalign is to address various orthodontic issues, including Invisalign Correct My Overbite or Underbite. Invisalign uses a set of transparent, personalized, and interchangeable aligners to straighten your teeth without wires or brackets. It’s completely unnoticeable, so no one will know you’re straightening your teeth, so it’s popular with our patients. The Invisalign System blends…

What Attracts People to a Smile?

A perfect smile is easier to obtain than you think! In a world where Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites rule, it’s almost a must for you to have a camera-ready smile. Whether it’s a random moment or a specia